General Questions

Sponsoring is a type of advertising in which a company or a Brand cooperates with a popular or a talented person (or a group) under the title of sponsor for reputation and more profit. In fact, the sponsor removes the financial obstacles of the sponsored person or group, and on the other hand, the sponsored person or group works for the success and reputation of the sponsored brand.

No, We are not a sponsor at the moment and we only act as a link between sponsors and people looking for sponsorship. 

In fact, the sponsor website is just a platform for smoothing the path of sponsorship that introduces people seeking sponsorship to financial sponsors (and vice versa). 

Of course! To start cooperation, in many cases, the parties use this option, which users must be logged in to view this option.

Yes, for sure! If, for any reason, users make a mistake in choosing their user role during registration and membership on the site, they can delete the user account after logging in and register correctly again.

One of the common mistakes of users, when they ask a question through the "online chat" or "message" option, is their mistake in entering of the email address. 

Be sure that the answer to your question will be sent to your email address, but if a mistake has been made while typing the address, of course it will not be possible to communicate. So be careful in entering your email.

Event Owners Asked

  • First, you have to register as Event owner and log in to the your account.
  • Click the "submit a cooperation request" in the menu of your user profile.
  • After submitting and registering it, within two working days your ad will be reviewed and published by the sponsoryab expert.

On the payment page, you can view your selected ad package (or packages) and remove the package using the X icon in front of each package.

One of the most common mistakes users make, is that after they enter the details and the plans in the ad submission section, they leave it in the "preview" stage and do not make the final registration ...

So be sure to submit it after registering and reviewing the ad request.

After logging in to your user account, you can view and edit the status of your ads through the My ads option in your user menu.

Yep! Absolutely.

In order to protect the rights of these loved ones, different accessibilities have been defined in the system for sponsors and all site users. One of these accessibilities is the possibility of viewing and contacting volunteer sponsors. Also, users who buy the ad package once, their user account will change into a special account, which will be given priority in showing to the sponsors. 

No! Not at all

It cannot be predicted how attractive the applicant's plan or event will be for sponsors or whether the parties will be able to reach an agreement. However, the sponsorship marketing team uses all its power to introduce the event owners to the sponsors or investors as best as possible.

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Select "My Ads".
  3. Select Lock/Unlock icon.

During the above steps, your ad will be considered inactive/sponsored and it will not be possible to receive a cooperation offer temporarily. By doing this again, your ad will be active and available for cooperation.

Note that if you delete the ad, the existing information will be deleted and deducted from your ad package quota. Also, if you create/edit an ad, you lose time in the review and approval queue. So it would be better to use lock option in some cases.

Sponsors Asked

For sure!

Sponsors can always view the existing cooperation positions without restrictions and contact and negotiate in different ways if they wish.


Yes, you can start and follow up your conversation by sending a private message.

Considering that in some cases, the sponsor does not intend to disclose their mobile number at the beginning of the work, several cooperation options have been considered for them.

Also, don't forget, to see the private message option you must log in to your account.

Yes, with our pleasure!

This possibility is available for brands and companies active in the field of sponsorship. Of course, displaying the logo and promoting the sponsor's brand is subjected to approval by SponsoryAB. If you want to use this feature, let us know through the support (Ticket) in your user account. 

In addition, you can add your sponsorship records in previous events on your user profile.

In the account information settings, select the hide profile option.

To save a collaboration position, you can add it to your shortlist by selecting the save option (or the star icon).

Yes of course!

If you are a sponsor of an upcoming event or activity, you can let us know by providing details and your conditions. we'll help you to be seen better by the website, social media, Email newsletter, etc.

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