Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of activity on the Sponsoryab website are listed on this page. It is obvious that every user must read and accept the conditions before joining and starting activities on the site.

User information on the website

While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy and perfection of the information on our website, some information is provided to us by third parties and we are unable to verify the accuracy or perfection of all information. We do not accept any responsibility resulting from any inaccuracy or lack of attention to any of the information on our website or any responsibility regarding the information on the website introduced by users.

Users Activities on SponsoryAB

General Conditions and Rules:
  • The performance of the sponsoryab website is based on the publication of cooperation requests and public announcements, and according to that, each user (member) is allowed to publish announcements or requests for financial cooperation after the approval of the website administrator.
  • The terms of cooperation and undertaking financial obligations are carried out by agreement between the parties of the contract, and Sponsoryab website has no involvement and responsibility for the agreement or non-agreement between the "sponsor seeker" and "sponsor (financial sponsor)".

*Note: The sponsoryab website is allowed to provide the information of the person/team looking for a sponsor to the financial sponsors who are active in the field of the person/team's activity, but in the usual case, it is not involved in the agreement or non-agreement.

***Caution: If profit-seeking people contact the event owners (or other users) in any way and intend to extort or deceive users with fake titles and positions attributed to the sponsoryab website, they will be prosecuted by our legal team.  

  • In case of sexual, pornography and immoral contents, the website admin is allowed to disapprove or remove the cooperation request. In addition, any type of harassing content is forbidden as well.
  • Sponsoryab website examines submitted cooperation requests in order and with "time" priority and finally takes action on them within three (3) working days.
  • If people publish false information and claims in their advertisement or public notice, they are responsible for the consequences.
  • In case of action or any attempt to destroy or damage the security, identity and performance of the Sponsoryab website, our team reserves the right to block, limit or complain about opportunistic people. And in necessary cases, it will take legal actions by its legal team.
  • The only way to apply for a sponsor on the sponsoryab website (for people looking for a sponsor) is to "register a cooperation request (ad)" and the only way to declare support in a specific field (for sponsors) is to "display a user profile". Therefore, please do not register a request in the form of other methods (such as comments, email, etc.).
  • It is not possible to refund the amount paid by the user after activating the desired service. except in the following cases:

Exception 1: In case of paying for two similar services by mistake, the user must take action and request a refund by sending a ticket to the support team, before confirming their service or publishing their ad on the website.

Exception 2: If, after payment, the registered ad cannot be approved and published by the site admin for any reason, the amount paid by them can be refunded.

  • In special cases where the money is returned to the user's account, "in case of a mistake on the part of the user", the amount of the transfer fee is included and will be deducted from the total amount.
  • The security of the website's payment portal has been provided through the SSL protocol and secure payment portal, so there is no need to worry about online payment by maintaining the security principles.
  • Price changes or service changes related to different services do not include previously purchased services, and the criteria for fulfilling obligations related to services is the date of creation of services.

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