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In order to be able to introduce sponsors and sponsor-seeker to each other, in the first step, it needs user information of the parties. Therefore, before doing anything, you must create a user account and do not forget to correctly select the user role in the registration (membership) form.

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  Search and Access

  Different accesses have been automatically defined in SponsoryAB platform for users, including sponsors and sponsor seekers, which in addition to security and ease of work, attention has also been paid to protect the rights of sponsor seekers who have purchased the package.

On the other hand, sponsors who want their information to be displayed on the website can Activate the option related to their profile settings.


Choosing a financial partner

Undoubtedly, to negotiate and start cooperation, sponsors and sponsor-seekers act in different ways. In fact, after choosing a suitable cooperation case, users can proceed by sending a private message, contact form or contact number provided. In fact, with the internal messenger option, your privacy is protected.

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