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Sponsoryab is a comprehensive and specialized website in the field of sponsorship for athletes, artists and researchers. This website aims to introduce sports, artistic and scientific figures as best as possible by providing facilities such as announcements, photos, audio files and videos as the sponsor request advertisement and user profile. This website is also useful for experts to find investment opportunities to carry out scientific and economic projects. Finally, while wishing success to all talents, in order to the flourishing of the genius of these loved ones, we believe that the sponsors will not hesitate to support events.

How do we work?


Profile creation by users

After entering the basic information and registration, many facilities and capabilities are considered on Sponsoryab for users to introduce their events, goals and plans in the best way.

Seek opportunities

On Sponsoryab, the accesses are in such a way that without harming the rights of users, the parties can communicate and contact each other while maintaining privacy.

Looking forward to success

A prosperous financial cooperation will lead to a win-win result, both for the people who are looking for sponsorship and also for the brands and businesses as sponsors.

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